Sweden Rock Festival 2015 : ce que vous ne verrez pas…

Le célèbre label Napalm Record nous envoie un sympathique mail relatif au Sweden Rock festival 2015: (…) After discussing this with the band, we would be fine giving you backstage & stage access for the show. It would be of course also great to get some shot with band & audience in the end of their set. 😉 (…).
Blast Management nous écrit également: "Hi, that’s not a problem for pictures. I would ask only one thing, and that is could you provide us with 10 photo’s to use for promotion and a album/dvd release free of charge, we of course give you full credit (…) One of the shots I’d really like to do with you (If that’s OK) is the traditional shot after the bands set, with all of them in a line, with the crowd behind them. Might the above be possible? If so, please just ask for me before the band play and we can exchange contacts etc. Regards" »."
"(…) You are allowed to take pictures of Morbus Chron’s set at Sweden Rock Festival 2015, as long as you won’t be visible for the audience (within reason of course) and taking photos from the stage area itself. Pit and back/sidestage is fine. Best regards (…)".

Nugent_Sweden_2014_0092.JPG (Ted Nugent @ Sweden Rock Festival 2014)

Ainsi donc, à l’instar de Ted Nugent ou de Foghat en 2014, quelques bands et labels nous ont fait l’amitié et témoigné leur confiance en nous permettant de leur tirer le portrait depuis les différentes scènes de l’édition 2015 du festival. Mais il n’en sera finalement rien: pour cause d’impondérable nous empêchant de rejoindre la Suède cette année, pas de clichés de derrière les fagots, pris front mais aussi backstage et depuis les différentes scènes du Sweden. Nous le regrettons et, surtout, présentons avec regrets nos excuses aux bands qui nous ont témoigné leur confiance et leur intérêt.

Foghat_Sweden_2014_0175.JPG (Foghat @ Sweden Rock Festival 2014)

Unfortunetely, we will not be able to share this year some pictures from Sweden Rock Festival 2015, shot from frontstage and beside the bands on stage while performing.
Sorry – and thank you to bands like DELAIN, KAIPA DACAPO, LUCIFER’s FRIEND, DARK TRANQUILITY, YARDSTONES, SPIKES’s FREE HOUSE and many more for their interest & comprehension.